Popular apps for Android has detected a dangerous Trojan


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Jaap Arriens / ZumaPress / Globallookpress.com

Well-known applications for smartphones on the Android operating system has detected a dangerous Trojan, which aims to regularly show the hype. About it “lente.ru” reported in a press-service Avast.

The researchers checked the app store and Google Play Store. 47 programs that simulate the game, the staff found adware Trojan HiddenAds. They are disguised as safe and useful, but really put the hype out applications.

At Avast, said that such applications can hide your icons on your device and Intrusive display ads even when the user removes the program from the device. Found apps have been downloaded a total of more than 15 million times.

Representatives of Google reported about the found applications, but currently some of them still available in store. The programs have a low features and a low rating — in the reviews, users complain of constant advertising.

Earlier it was reported that two other mobile apps from the Google Play Store turned out to be dangerous for users. They had discovered “a relatively new malware Joker”. Programs focused on children and adolescents and is designed for text messaging.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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