Pornstar complained about “chasing her to death” the past


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Porn star MIA Khalifa has complained that the past will haunt her until the end of life. So she responded to the publication of the wearer’s Instagram @poppymillsx, who spoke about the exploitation of women in porn.

The girl said that one day starring in porn, any actress becomes porn actress, and the Studio did not give them the right to live. Thus the rollers can never disappear from the Internet. “Women like MIA Khalifa acted in porn a few years ago, and these videos will not be removed. And the decisions that they took a long time, will haunt them years later. But it was not their decision. It was exploited”, — considered blogger.

In her stories she replied Khalifa, writing: “Those 11 commercials will haunt me to death. I would not want to have at least one girl has gone through this.” A few days before that, the actress posted a video in TikTok, in which he shared the experiences that hundreds of millions of people have the impression of her based on porn, which she starred during the “toxic three months of my life.” In the comments, she talked to the users and urged them not to look for opportunities to earn quick money in porn because “it’s not worth it.” She also complained of low wages in the industry.

In September, the Caliph asked the fans not to bother her when they see her at the airport in the morning. She promised that the meeting with her for them to be unpleasant.

Khalifa acted in porn from late 2014 to early 2015, however, had become famous after filming porn in a hijab. After that, the actress has repeatedly received threats in his address.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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