Public men spoke about the observance of sanitary measures at the polling stations


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Eugene Vadim epanchitsev / RIA Novosti

Observers in all regions to check compliance with measures to protect health during the vote on amendments to the Constitution, said head of working group of Public chamber on public control Maxim Grigoriev. It quoted the Russian Agency of legal and judicial information Thursday, June 25.

“Affirm: treatment plots before the vote is made in full volume”, — said Grigoriev.

According to him, the exit poll also respected measures measures to protect the health of citizens. Voters measure the temperature, passport checked in a contactless manner, the areas with the markings for compliance with social distance, he said.

Earlier on Thursday, Russia opened the first polling stations on the Constitution. Total voting across the country will open more than 96 thousand and a half sites. A plebiscite will be held prior to July 1, inclusive.

To prolong the voting for a few days in the Central electoral Commission has proposed to comply with sanitary regulations during an epidemic of coronavirus. Only the basic law can be made 400 amendments, including the priority of Russian laws over international right of President Vladimir Putin to run again. All changes made in one batch, the Russians are invited to vote for or against.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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