Russian scientists have invented a frost-proof concrete for Arctic


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Oleg Karsaev / “Kommersant”

Scientists from South Ural state University (SUSU) in Chelyabinsk, invented a technology to create frost-resistant concrete for the harsh climatic conditions of the far North. About TASS reported in the news division of the University.

The University noted that to obtain a material with ultra-high frost resistance managed by changing the structure of hydrated phases of cement stone.

The scientific staff of the University, the study was conducted in the laboratory in five percent sodium chloride solution at a temperature of minus 50 degrees. According to the data obtained, the degree of frost resistance of concrete may change four or five times “with a constant water-cement ratio, but with the introduction of various modifiers that affect the composition of hydrated phases”.

“Stable hydrosilicate gel was formed when the content of portlandite in cement stone no more than five percent. This is ensured through the introduction of modern optimal dosage of modifying additives,” said SUSU.

Thanks to the qualities of concrete can be used in construction in the Arctic, Siberia and the far East.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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