“Russia’s future” discussed electronic elections


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In Moscow on 25 June plenary session of the Public mission monitoring the vote, “Russia’s future”, the correspondent “reports Tapes.ru”.

The participants discussed a wide range of problems of the digitalization of everyday processes, creating communication platforms of the state and society and conducting electronic elections. The discussion was attended by a wide range of experts from different fields of activity.

The meeting was opened by Ilya massukh, head of the public headquarters for control and monitoring of the national vote in Moscow. He noted that Russia is one of the few countries that is not afraid to experiment with electronic formats of communication between the state and society.

“The main thing is that the voice of a specific person, a specific individual,” — said Massukh. According to him, on mos.ru was the influx of applications for electronic voting with a blank account, but the CEC rejected them. “The goal is to ensure a legitimate vote of the people,” he said.

Deputy Chairman of the Council under the President of Russia on development of civil society and human rights Irina Kirkor told that her colleague by registering for electronic voting, tried to come and vote in your precinct. “He refused. Double-voting impossible,” she said the words Massukh.

The General Director of analytical Agency “Biznesprom,” Chairman of Committee “SUPPORT of RUSSIA” on financial markets Pavel Samiev stressed the importance of small innovative business in Russia. He called for development of this sector of the economy through public procurement, technology parks and accelerators.

General Director of UDC CLOUD and the Chairman of the Committee on it of the Moscow “Business Russia” Nikita Severinov said that “everything goes digital” and “we need to support the new aspirations for the development of the technology.”

Co-chair of the all-Russian public movement “Volunteer doctors” Maxim Samoset, in turn, told me that volunteering goes online. This created a portal “Volunteer of Russia”, on which you can make e-book a volunteer and register for relevant events.

Completed a series of presentations, the Director of ANO “Law of robots” Nikita Kulikov. He expressed confidence that e-voting will soon become a common practice in Russia, although Russia will remain and a lot of people who need to come to vote at the physical site. “Sausage patties, Hello it’s me, and here we geography, he studied physics”, — he explained the motivation of such people.

Voting amendments to the Constitution will be held on 1 July. To start to vote for the Russians will be able from 25 June to provide security during combat coronavirus. Among the proposed amendments, the priority of Russian laws over international, as well as the right of Putin to run again for the presidency. All amendments approved by the constitutional court, the state Duma, the Federation Council and regional parliaments.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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