Sakhalin volunteers are trained to save endangered gray whales


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Faith Kostamo / RIA Novosti

In the village of Nogliki in Northern Sakhalin, the volunteers were trained to save the endangered gray whale from nets and plastic garbage. This was told by the instructor of NGO “boomerang” Anna Goleva, reports TASS.

According to Scoring, the first day has passed, the repetition of basic theory classes, it called for 12 regular and new volunteers, because lifeguards, it is important to repeat mastered material. The next day, the volunteers held a training session on lake Perekop, where participants practiced the techniques of the slowdown in China with simultaneous compliance with the rules of approximation to the entangled animal. Goleva said that the training was held in the rain and e wind. The third day of training took place in the Piltun Bay, where the participants saw the terrain of possible responses to assist large whales. Among the volunteers — people of all ages. While their level of training inadequate for real work, but they will be able to continue their education.

Goleva said that the last time the cases of entanglement of whales in the sea of Okhotsk was recorded in 2016, there have been cases when brought to shore the bodies of dead animals with injuries. She explained that in Russia there is no information service about such cases. According to her, the whales are powerful animals and can “before the year” to pull a network of steel nets with buoys, which can grind the fin.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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