Solovyov said the reason for the provocation of a soldier at the Victory parade


www.vsyako.netVladimir Solovieva: Komsomolskaya Pravda / Global look

TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov said the reason for the provocation of a soldier, a gun broke the glass on the car FSO before the Victory parade in Moscow. He told about it on air of transfer of “nightingales LIVE” on YouTube.

According to Solovyov, in the explanatory soldier wrote that he felt like it radiated from standing next to the car and watching him. “He apparently baked the head at all”, — concluded the leader.

As explained by the journalist, which was supposed to participate in the historical part of the parade, therefore, was not armed with a gun, and a carbine. But at the last moment, he was transferred to the reserve, which he could also hold a grudge, suggested Soloviev. He said that with a soldier all right, soon it will be examined by military doctors.

As previously reported, the military staged a provocation due to the fact that he was transferred to the reserve and he was unable to participate in the Grand review. The reason the soldier was suspended, not called. We only know what he was yelling about the hatred of the officers of the Federal security service.

After the detention he refused to answer specific questions. Against him a criminal case. According to the Telegram-channel “112”, the assailant is a native of Kaluga, he had a weakness for alcohol.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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