The authorities of Jerusalem covered the LGBT flag on the American Embassy and angered US


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @NTarnopolsky

The municipality in Jerusalem, which is one of the buildings of the U.S. Embassy, covered the banner on the rights of sexual minorities and thereby outraged the American diplomats, according to The Times of Israel.

Unknown Embassy employee called the move of local authorities infringe on American sovereignty. “While the Ambassador Friedman advocated annexation to the US, you decided to invade our sovereign territory?” — quoted his words. The diplomat was referring to a plan by Israeli authorities to Annex the lands of the West Bank of the Jordan river, which requires coordination with the U.S. side.

It is reported that the US Ambassador spoke about the incident with the LGBT banner with the city’s mayor, Moshe lion. He called it an “embarrassing mistake” of his subordinate. It is reported that the assistant mayor, who sent inspectors to cover the banner fabric, holds extreme right-wing views. On the banner was placed words about tolerance and diversity on the background of the LGBT flag.

A banner appeared in connection with the “LGBT pride month”, which is held in June. On the same occasion on June 21 held a rally in the Ukrainian capital: activists raised on the drone the rainbow flag to the statue “the Motherland” as if it is attached to the sword in the hand at the monument.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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