The cause of a nervous breakdown have crashed the car FSO soldier at the Victory parade


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Became known cause of a nervous breakdown 22-year-old soldier, a conscript who broke the glass on the car FSO before the Victory parade on June 24. About it reports the edition Baza in his Telegram channel.

Thrower Nikita Eroshenko bad marched, knocked the whole structure, despite months of training. Colleagues hated him, because of the errors they committed, the rest of the men had to re-drill on the parade ground. When Nikita was suspended from participation in the parade due to downed step, he lost his nerve. The soldier was hit with a gun on the police car FSO, broke the windshield and was arrested.

After the incident, the military commandant’s office conducts audits in the part number 61899, where he served as Nikita, the command writes the explanatory.

Responsible for incident, hospitalized for psychiatric examination, reported “Interfax” an informed source. Conducted preliminary examination.

Previously, on 25 June it was reported that against Eroshenko not to initiate a criminal case, as it is not planning any provocations during the passage of troops on red square.

The witness from among the officers who followed the order on the source position in the district Manezhnaya square of Moscow, told about the events preceding the incident. According to him, half an hour before the start of the parade between the two fighters historical company of the great Patriotic war for some reason began a verbal altercation turning into a fight. One of the officers of the military counterintelligence in the area of responsibility of which was this company, invited the commander to replace the recalcitrant soldier backup soldier. Brawler knocked out and sent into reserve. He didn’t like it and he began to resent. Officer-CID in plain clothes called the soldier to order, Recalling that the order should be executed. He began to scream and empty the machine during the war broke the glass of the car FSO, standing next to the bus reserve, where he was taken. After this, brawler have detained.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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