The doctor called an unusual way to protect themselves from the heat


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

Doctor and broadcaster Eugene Komorowski has called an unusual way to protect themselves from the heat. About the use of scarves in the summer months, he said in his Instagram.

According to him, the accessory is “almost the most effective way to avoid overheating and heat stroke”. “Moisten the scarf with water and then wet the scarf worn on the neck. In principle, any scarf can be soak and wind up as the handkerchief” — he explained. In addition, the scarf saves the skin of the neck from sunburn.

The doctor explained that the neck is a reflexogenic zone, and “man in the heat, with a wet scarf on the neck, really relieved”.

Also the scarf can be used as protection from insects. According to Komorowski, for this it is enough to apply the repellent.

In may Komorowski spoke about the impact of eating ice cream on the immune system and explained why regular consumption of this product is good for health. Speaking about the impact of ice cream to human health, he noted that children should not be shielded from cold food: “Ice cream need to eat regularly. I often talk about the fact that the strengthening of local immunity of the oral cavity regular exposure to cold on the tonsils is very cool.” The doctor drew viewers ‘ attention to the fact that exposure to cold must be regular: if you eat ice cream once a month, it will have no positive effect.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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