The FBI acknowledged their inability to determine the origin of the coronavirus


www.vsyako.netPhoto: LEAH MILLIS / Reuters

The Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI), the U.S. acknowledged that it does not have sufficient information to draw any conclusions about the origin of the coronavirus. It is reported TASS with reference to Director of the Bureau Christopher ray.

According to him, although the FBI is actively involved in establishing the original source of the virus, while is not enough data in order to understand how the virus originated in Wuhan. Rey due to the fact that the pandemic began in China, said that no other country poses a greater threat to American values, economic security and democratic than China. He stressed that the Bureau is now more than two thousand investigations connected with the Chinese authorities, and their number is constantly growing.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump has used a new term to describe the pandemic coronavirus and again hurt China. At a campaign meeting with his followers in Tulsa (Oklahoma) head of the White house compared the coronavirus is a new type of kung fu (kung fu), inventing it in tune with the name kung flu (flu — eng. “the flu”), thereby making reference to Chinese martial art.

Beijing has repeatedly criticized Washington. In March, trump has accused China of untimely informing of the world community about the outbreak of coronavirus. According to him, it would be better if the authorities of other countries knew about this a few months earlier.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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