The Federation Council found an external attack on the voting on the Constitution


www.vsyako.netAndrew Climate: Vladimir Fedorenko / RIA Novosti

A nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution became a target for “external attack”, said the head of the Federation Council Commission for the protection of the sovereignty and prevent interference in the internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Andrey Klimov, reports TASS.

“To discredit the constitutional amendments and the voting procedure of the all-Russia uses the Western-controlled media, social networking, and a variety of NGOs and activists,” — said the Senator.

According to him, the leading role in this process is seen in Washington. Policy intervention in the constitutional process with a view to “stop the strengthening of the sovereignty of the Russian Federation” is held from mid-January, said Klimov.

Klimov said that the Board will review and transmit to the competent authorities information about the facts of foreign interference in the voting process.

To date, voting has begun across all Russia. All around the country will open 96,5 thousand plots. Counting of votes will begin after the close of all polling stations on the evening of 1 July.

The basic law can be made 400 amendments, including the priority of Russian laws over international right of President Vladimir Putin to run again.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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