The flight attendant explained the conclusions about passenger aircraft in their clothes


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The flight attendant, whose name was not called, explained what conclusions do the crew members on passenger aircraft by the clothes that they wear on a journey. About it writes the Daily Express.

According to her, from the outfits tourists directly depends on the first impression of them — in particular, the hostess thinks they should look nice and neat, and to be sober and pleasant smell.

“When I see a woman or a man who dressed tastefully, I think they ways to keep up appearances and will probably behave well,” — said the employee of the airline, stressing that during the flight it is important to be kind, sympathetic and polite in the communication process.

At the same time, travelers from long-haul flights, it can go on the plane in a suit to “impress” and then replace it with another, more comfortable.

In addition, another flight attendant believes that if you “dress up wisely”, you can qualify for free upgrades on Board. “You have to look like a frequent traveler. Just don’t make a choice in favor of designer clothes. It really helps: some customers may refuse to upgrade if they are not dressed appropriately”, she concluded.

April 7 unidentified crew member opened the passengers a way to make a good impression on the flight attendants during the flight. According to him, first of all we are talking about the proper use of the bins — you must place your bag so that the cover is loosely closed.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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