The man caught the biggest fish in my life and donated her to science


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ed Falconer

A resident of the Australian state of Queensland went fishing near rainbow beach and caught a giant three-band snapper. This is the website of ABC News.

Ed Falconer (Ed Falconer) went fishing in his boat below during a pandemic coronavirus to maintain the ship in working condition. He threw the bait and felt the fish caught on the hook. The resistance force of the fish he suggested that caught a large cod. To remove it, it took him 20 minutes. When he pulled a catch out of the water, it turned out that this 22-pound three-band snapper. Fish length was 104 centimeters.

“I’ve been fishing these waters for 30 years, and the biggest fish I caught weighed 19 pounds. That’s almost the maximum amount,” he said. According to Falconer caught snapper twice the average weight of the fish which he catches from his boat.

Fish expert from the Queensland Museum Jeff Johnson (Jeff Johnson) said that the weight of the three-band snapper is the one that was recorded in the published in 1962 book. “This is a remarkable catch and the dream of every fisherman,” he said. Johnson added that he hoped that through this instance, scientists can figure out how long you can live way Luciani.

Falconer suggested that the fish is quite old. He plans to give it to the Queensland fisheries management to be explored by scientists.

“I froze it and called the Taxidermist. After we will make a stuffed animal, we give it to the local Department of fisheries for research. Scientists removed some bone from the fish’s head and can learn her age and of similar information,” said the Australian.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of the U.S. state of Oklahoma caught a large paddlefish, which almost broke the state record. He caught the female weighed 63 kilograms.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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