The Ministry of justice of Ukraine has proposed to abolish the lustration of Soviet officials


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The Minister of justice of Ukraine Denis Malyuska proposed to abolish the lustration of Soviet officials. About it reports “Ukrainian truth”.

According to the politician, their lustration is of no public interest, because since the collapse of the Soviet system many years have passed. Restrictions for former Soviet officials he considered “unfounded and irrelevant”.

Maluska also proposed to apply “piecemeal approach” to the disclosure of other categories of officials. He believes that automatic lustration should only be exposed to top-officials, including members of the government and the leadership of the presidential administration, responsible for the formation of public policy.

The law “About the cleansing power” was signed on 9 October 2014 the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. The document is distributed to officials who held senior positions under previous political regimes, security officers, and to persons suspected of involvement in corruption. The law reglamentary check civil servants with the aim of restoring trust and “create the conditions for building a new system of authorities in accordance with European standards”.

According to numerous decisions of the ECtHR on complaints of Ukrainian officials fell under the act, in many respects it is inconsistent with the Constitution and international law.

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