The people of London gathered for an illegal party and mutilated police



Dozens of police officers were seriously injured in the illegal party, which was held on the streets of London. It is reported by CNN.

The British gathered in the area South of the city at night on Thursday. Officers arrived to disperse, as in the UK not to participate in public meetings due to the danger of the spread of coronavirus infection.

Instead of complying, the party members began to attack the police. They threw bottles and attacked an official car. When the reinforcements arrived, the crowd began to behave even more aggressively.

It is noted that for one night in the area where the party took place, sent six ambulances and a team of trauma specialists. 22 police officers were injured.

“Violence against police is unacceptable. Such mass gatherings during a pandemic COVID-19 is an extremely irresponsible act, these people are risking their lives and the lives of people around”, — said the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. Agreed with him the Minister of internal Affairs of the United Kingdom Priti Patel, adding that scenes of fights between the police and the British “simply disgusting”.

CNN writes that in recent weeks in Britain, increasingly held a mass party, contrary to the government’s measures against the coronavirus. 9 Jun Prime Minister Boris Johnson has threatened to punish participants of such protests and riots in accordance with the law. The Prime Minister also added that he supports those who violate the measures of social distancing. He stressed that this could jeopardize the whole progress made in the fight against the spread of coronavirus progress.

In the UK there are mass demonstrations against racism and police abuse in connection with the death in the U.S. African-American George W. Floyd after a hard arrest.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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