The Ukrainians threatened to strict quarantine


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Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal threatened to reintroduce throughout the country’s strict quarantine, if the Ukrainians will continue to ignore security measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. This writes the “Observer”.

So Smigel responded to the record high number of new infections in the country in recent days. “The situation is much worse. Reason people stopped to observe the quarantine. In other countries the incidence is not increasing in this model,” — said the Prime Minister.

He added that the government sees the only way out of this situation — to continue the policy of sanctions. “If we decide to protect the country and its economy from the fall, not to close the country, not to make a complete stop and do not enter a quarantine in March, is the only way. All have to adhere to those restrictions provided for in the adaptive model. This — masks, antiseptics, social distance”, — said Smigel.

The Prime Minister stressed that from 22 June the government began to impose fines on companies who fail to comply with quarantine. “It’s very important that we do not fall in this wave of the epidemic, which was in Italy and Spain. I ask everyone to be responsible and vigilant and to take the requirements responsibly,” — he concluded.

On June 25 in Ukraine was recorded another record for the number of identified cases of infection with coronavirus. As of Thursday morning the country was discovered 994 new HIV infections, 349 patients were cured, 16 died. The number of active infected in Ukraine has reached 50 per 100 thousand population.

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