The United States found a reason to block the property of Huawei



Chinese technology company Huawei Technologies and Hikvision are owned or under the control of the military. Such evidence is found, the U.S. government, which gives the President the right to impose severe sanctions, according to Reuters.

In itself, the inclusion in the appropriate list, which defense Ministry since 1999, does not entail restrictive measures. However, it may be the reason for the blocking of all property of companies and other severe sanctions.

The White house was unable to immediately answer the question of whether to impose sanctions against the company. However, unofficially, a senior official said that the list can be considered as a useful tool for governments, companies, investors, academic institutions, and partners of like-minded people.

The United States recognized the Huawei threat to national security and was included in the black list in may of last year. They tried to convince its allies to refuse to cooperate with the company in the organization of 5G networks, but even in Europe, many countries do not have to break contracts.

Earlier, the Minister of Commerce Wilbur Ross stated that the dialogue with Huawei for establishment of the global network requirements of new generation communication possible. However, this Chinese company must adopt the American standards in this area.

In may, the United States threatened sanctions to suppliers of technologies and equipment for Huawei, after which the Taiwanese manufacturer of mobile processors, TSMC has refused to cooperate. The company promised to quickly find a way out, but analysts still do not understand what it will be. Huawei also indicated that pressure from Washington could hurt the industry worldwide and will lead to losses on hundreds of billions of dollars.

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