The witness said about the incident involving the soldier at the Victory parade


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The witness from among the officers who followed the order on the source position in the district Manezhnaya square of Moscow, told about the events preceding the arrest of the soldier-provocateur at the Victory parade. It is reported by “KP”.

According to him, half an hour before the start of the parade between the two fighters historical company of the great Patriotic war for some reason began a verbal altercation turning into a fight. One of the officers of the military counterintelligence in the area of responsibility of which was this company, invited the commander to replace the recalcitrant soldier backup soldier. Brawler knocked out and sent into reserve. He didn’t like it and he began to resent. Officer-CID in plain clothes called the soldier to order, Recalling that the order should be executed. He began to scream and empty the machine during the war broke the glass of the car FSO, standing next to the bus reserve, where he was taken. After this, brawler have detained.

Concerning it criminal case is brought. He can press charges for disobeying the commander, insubordination, threats and insults, causing material damage to state property, disorderly conduct. During the interrogation, the soldier asked if he was going to stage a provocation on the red square, but he didn’t even understand the question.

“I was under the impression that the soldiers do not even understand the essence of the question of provocation. Sat confused, all the arrogance had disappeared. Apparently, realized that he had done,” said a military police officer. According to him, the soldier complained that I wanted to make it to the parade, which was to watch relatives and beloved. “But because of the goat [the colleague] was a bummer. Me from the front of the box was thrown out. Well, I’m furious,” explained the soldier.

On 24 June it was reported that in the incident in front of the Victory parade was attended by draftee Nikita E., a native of Kaluga. To call in the army the young man had a weakness to alcohol. He serves in the part number 61899. It was reported that soldiers staged a provocation due to the fact that he was transferred to the reserve, and he therefore could not participate in the Grand review. We only know what he was yelling about the hatred of the officers of the Federal security service.

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