The woman dropped 37 pounds and told the story of his weight loss


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A resident of the new Zealand city of Auckland has lost 37 pounds and told how she managed to achieve this result. Her history shared edition Stuff.

The now 34-year-old Tanya white (Tanya White) weighed 99.9 kg at growth of 1.7 meters at the peak of obesity. She admitted she gained weight due to overeating after traumatic events in life. First, she has gone through a difficult breakup with her lover, who was cheating on her with her friend. Most white missed three of his children from a previous relationship, to whom she was greatly attached. Then novozelandki dead grandfather, with whom she was close, and after she had to move and change jobs.

To cope with the stress of white constantly ate and drank wine. She almost never went outside and emotionally cut off from others. New Zealander finally realized that I had gained weight when I was forced to order clothes ten sizes larger.

Relatives advised her to go to a psychologist, through which the girl was able to get out of a lingering apathy. After that, she signed up for a weight loss program. White was skeptical and planned to do no more than six weeks, but eventually saw the results and continued to follow the diet. She began to walk and soon to run, although before she didn’t like it.

Nine months later the woman had reached target weight of 62 kilos. However, white is not going to stop counting calories and exercising. “Over saving weight we have to work every day. We must realize that you eat and drink, how you doing,” she explained. During the quarantine because of pandemic of novel coronavirus infection she gained a few pounds, but quickly managed to lose them.

However, the most important achievement white said the rejection of the binding problem. Now, when she is sad, she orders pizza and buys a bottle of wine, and goes for a run. The girl is so rarely drink, that she had a headache and a glass of wine. She set herself a new goal — to run a marathon.

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