To dispel the myth of medical masks



American scientists dispelled the myth about the dangers of masks. This publication reports The Philadelphia Inquirer, citing the words of experts from the medical departments of the United States.

The doctors said that the thoughts about the possible dangers of masks occur in people due to prolonged wearing of protective accessories, but their concern is unwarranted. Specialists of the Department of health of Pennsylvania (USA) have discovered that people find it difficult to understand the benefits of wearing masks. “People are trying to come up with reasons not to wear a mask, and a questioning of medical research”, — said the representative of the American society of infectious diseases of Collar Ravina (Ravina Kullar).

The doctors analyzed the risk of coronavirus due to the fact that the mask may tightly adhere to the face, or on the contrary, be the direct cause of the development of COVID-19. “We do not have data according to which people wore the mask and got sick from it,” said the infectious-disease specialist at the Medical center of Vanderbilt University (USA) William Shaffner (William Schaffner).

In an interview with reporters, the doctors noted that the mask mode is most effective when the defense chooses the majority of the population. “My mask protects you, your mask protects me”, — quotes the words of doctors edition. The experts on infectious diseases agreed with the thesis that the mask does not provide complete protection against coronavirus. Physicians are reminded that the mask acts as a barrier delaying the spread of virus particles in the air.

The scientists also noted that prolonged use of masks type N95, which are used in medicine, can lead to increased levels of carbon dioxide in the blood. According to experts, doctors understand this and try to take breaks in wearing professional protective accessories. “The biggest problem with masks is that people do not wear them,” concluded Rabbi of Collar.

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