Top Manager of “Gazprom” caught in a lie about the “Power of Siberia”


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Board member and Chapter 307 of the Department of the state company “Gazprom” Sergey Menshikov caught in a lie about the elimination of problems during the development of the Chayanda field, which is a resource base for gas pipeline “Power of Siberia”. This is evidenced by the official response (is at the disposal “of the”) 307 Department to appeal a former employee of Gazprom, Vyacheslav Schegolev to the Ministry of energy of Russia (also has “”).

Lead engineer appealed to the Ministry of energy in February 2020, the Agency knew about the numerous violations, however, conduct its own review of refused and forwarded the information to the “Gazprom”, from which came the response that “the information on violations was not confirmed”.

“You presented assumptions are either not confirmed or reflected in the decisions taken (updating of technological schemes of development of the Chayanda oil and gas condensate field, the replacement of drilling mud) of the Department (S. N. Menshikov) of PJSC “Gazprom” to Your appeal (2017-2019)”, — said in response to Menshikov. The problem is that, according to the documents of the exploration and development of deposits, no replacement drilling mud was not carried out (documents are available “”). Poor quality drilling mud “of Poligonal-flora” is still used, as evidenced, for example, the work plan for well No. 1076 dated March 2020. From “Gazprom” the document was signed by Dmitry Spinel — one of the defendants in a large investigation “”. Response To Menshikov Shchegoleva “Gazprom” 1/3

According to Menshikov, the information on the absenteeism of the field to design capacity, which is a resource base for gas pipeline “Power of Siberia” in China is also not confirmed, however, in his response, he does not comment on internal data of Gazprom, which argue otherwise. Moreover, Menshikov’s words are contrasted with the words of recently retired Deputy chief of the Department 307 Andrei Filippov, who acknowledged major problems in the field.

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