Ukraine is indignant with the statement of the Serbian Minister of Bandera


www.vsyako.netNenad Popoviciu: Eugene biyatov / RIA Novosti

The Embassy of Ukraine are outraged by the statement of the Serbian Minister of innovation and technological development Nenad Popovic attempts to represent Bandera victims of the Second world war. Reports about it “European truth”.

Diplomats said that the words of Popovich gross interference in Ukraine’s internal Affairs and a mockery of the memory of eight million Ukrainians died during the Second world war. Diplomats urged the Minister not to touch the Ukrainian history.

Earlier, Popovich said that Serbia would never accept shameful attempt to rewrite history, the purpose of which is to present the Serbian and Russian peoples are aggressors and Nazi criminals and invaders — victims.

“Those who sided with the Nazis during world war II Croatian ustashe, the Ukrainian Bandera and the Albanian ballista — now represent themselves as victims become allies of those who want to see Serbia and Russia, as it was 75 years ago, depressed, weakened, and torn apart,” said Popovich.

In late may, the Ukrainian foreign Ministry has accused of manipulating the Bulgarian Parliament adopted the Declaration on the impact of the administrative-territorial reform in the Odessa region on the rights of the local Bulgarian community.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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