Ukraine told about the plan to destroy the country


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In Ukraine launched the process of destruction of the country. This was stated by the Deputy from “Oppositional platform For life,” Ilya Kiva, his words are on the website of the party.

The politician claims that the country had developed a plan for the transformation of Ukraine into “an asset and a colony.” “Trained a whole cohort of militants who will be ready tomorrow to shoot people on the streets. They are included in certain organizations, such as the “national body” means mined racketeering, destruction of the business, kidnapping people,” he warned.

Kiva as a confirmation of his words brought the incident to a member of the presidential party “servant of the people” Sergey Litvinenko, who on June 23 was attacked by radicals during the reception of citizens.

In April, Kiva said that citizens of Ukraine are waiting for the destruction and death if the country will not be a leader, able to prevent it. He added that he believes that Ukraine needs a President who can “collect” and bring it in order. Also, according to the politician, the leader must act in the interests of the Ukrainian people and “not be distracted by the cries of European and American partners.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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