A patient with a knife attacked a doctor because untreated impotence


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In the Chinese city of Zhengzhou, Henan province, assaulted the doctor and injured him due to the fact that the doctor could not cure impotence. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

In November 2019, the patient surnamed Yin asked for help to the 55-year-old Professor-the urologist man Zincing due to the fact that suffered a number of sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction and low sperm production.

Yin several times came to the reception to Zincing. The doctor ordered that the nurses gave him a shot and examined using ultrasound. Unknown, did the Chinese any more treatment, but since then, the hospital has not received any complaints from the patient or his relatives.

Monday, June 22, Yin once again came to the hospital and pretended that he wanted to get on reception to the doctor. He attacked Zinzina and inflicted 12 stab wounds of face, hands and neck. Another doctor, Liu Yunfei, hurried to help a colleague, and also received a wound in the arm. Later at the scene, police arrived and arrested the attacker.

Hospital spokesman Lee said that the assailant was about 40 or 50 years. “The patient has decided that his problems began after the doctor was treating him,” she said.

After the attack the victim urologist underwent emergency surgery and was transferred to the intensive care unit. His colleague also received medical treatment. The state of both doctors consistently.

“We are deeply saddened and angry because of such attacks on doctors at the time, as all our staff are bravely fighting the coronavirus. We call on the police to punish her attacker according to the law to protect the rights of doctors and the medical community,” — said in a statement the hospital.

Earlier it was reported that the man had filed a lawsuit against American airlines Delta Air Lines due to the fact that he stuck by a needle left in the pocket ahead of the standing seat. According to the statement of claim, the drugs caused Ibarra dizziness, headache and body aches, “explosive diarrhea” and impotence.

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