Biden counted 120 millions of victims of coronavirus in the United States


www.vsyako.netJoe Bidentata: Matt Slocum / AP

The most likely candidate from the US Democratic party in the upcoming elections, former us Vice-President Joe Biden mistakenly counted in the country of 120 millions of victims of coronavirus. Reported by the Daily Mail.

The incident occurred during the speech Biden in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, on Thursday, June 25. During his speech, the politician said that from the coronavirus in the United States have died about 120 million people. He then corrected himself, noting that in fact the victims of infection were about 120 million Americans.

However the error of his chief opponent immediately responded a President Donald trump. In particular, he noted that such mistakes are unacceptable for a person who is about to become head of state, and called the former Vice President “frustratingly stupid”. “Whenever he says he can’t connect two sentences… I mean that this person does not know how to talk,” said trump.

Biden has repeatedly made mistakes during their public appearances or interviews. So, in may of the politician in the interview with radio host Leonard McKelvey said that he can’t call himself black, if you support the current US President Donald trump: “If you find it difficult to decide trump, you or me, then you are black.” Prior to that, he also said that since 2007, 150 million Americans were killed with firearms (with a total population U.S. population 327 million) and that’s going to fight for the post of Senator, not the President.

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