Bisexual atheist from Chechnya spoke about their experiences of violence


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The former resident of Chechnya, Aminat Lorsanov told about how she was kept in a psychiatric hospital, cast out demons, and relatives were drugged against her will because of her bisexuality and atheistic views. The history of their misadventures, the girl shared with the publication of Sky News.

Now 22-year-old Aminat is hiding in another country from where she filed a complaint to the Investigative Committee of Russia for their relatives and other persons due to ill-treatment. According to the girl, she was bullied physically and psychologically since childhood. So, parents thrice invited the local priest to perform an exorcism and cast out demons Aminat. The Mullah lifted her shirt took off her skirt and began to beat her with a stick in the solar plexus within the hour, screaming in the ear of the texts from the Koran.

In addition, Aminat spent several weeks in a psychiatric hospital Dr. Igor Boev in Grozny, where she put IVS and give medications, from which it long remained in an unconscious state. Now the clinic is closed, however, the journalists of the edition managed to find its owner in another clinic in Stavropol. The doctor said that Aminat was treated for mental illness and refused to comment further. His name is among those whom the girl filed a complaint to the Investigation Committee. To escape from the tormentors of the girl managed only the fifth attempt.

As told by the activists of the “Russian LGBT network” Veronika Lapina and David Isaev case Aminat is typical of Chechnya, where stalking is not only homosexual men but also women, throwing them in secret prisons.”In Chechnya, the practice of conversion therapy, cast out demons, making medical injections of psychotropic substances. For us this is not news,” said Lapina, stressing that women are more difficult to escape due to the fact that they are restricted in their movements and are under the control of a male guardian (father, brothers or husband).

The story of Aminat came to the Chechen authorities. The Minister of national policy and external relations of the Republic Dzhambulat Umarov accused the LGBT network that activists manipulate Lorsanova. In his opinion, the activists want to give up on Chechnya, “the shadow of a medieval horror”, and the Republic upholds our family traditions. In addition, he does not see anything terrible in the exorcism.

However, about what is happening with LGBT people told the publication not only of Aminat. Born a woman in Chechnya transgender sachet together with partner managed to leave in 2016 Republic, and last year — Russia. He said that if the family learned the truth about him, not made it public, and just locked up or was forced to marry. But if I found out about it others would have killed to cleanse the family’s honor. Now the couple waits for asylum in a European country, but the process came to a halt pandemic coronavirus.

In a difficult position now was and Aminat. As told LGBT activist David Isaev, first the girl had to hide for her safety. But as soon as life returned to normal, began pandemic coronavirus.

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has been repeatedly accused of lying human rights organizations, which reported on the harassment of homosexuals in the country. In April 2017, he denied the information of “Novaya Gazeta” about the mass arrests of gay men in the North Caucasus Republic.

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