Blisters on the back of the girl after a beach holiday scared of Internet users


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Macy Squires page in Facebook

The British suffered severe burns all over her body during a family scuba diving in Cuba. At her photos in social networks drew the attention of the journalists of The Sun.

17-year-old Macy, Squires (Squires Maisie) from Leeds, UK, the sun burned when he was on the beach in July 2019, however, the pictures became viral only now.

She placed personnel injuries on his page in Facebook. “Yesterday my back was burned and it looked disgusting, but what has become of my tan this morning, just before nine o’clock flight home to England. I’m in shock!” — she signed the photo, which were seen two large blister on a bright red back.

Netizens started to comment on the publication, expressing their support. “It seems that this third-degree burns”, “I Hope you will soon recover!”, “It looks so sad, hope the burns don’t hurt your skin” — they wrote.

According to the victim, before heading to the beach, she used sunscreen, but the tool was useless, since Squires was immersed in water. “I swam for hours and didn’t realize that my back is burning,” she said. Upon arrival, the girl went to the hospital, where she treated the burns and said that the wound should gradually heal.

“Every time I looked at her back, I cringed. We got a fright. In real life it looked a lot worse,” shared the 39-year-old mother Squires.

Experts urge those who are engaged in scuba diving on vacation, take extra precautions. “Prevention is always better than cure when it comes about sunburn,” said a spokesman for the British Association of dermatologists.

In June, sunburns are a strange shape on the feet of men ridiculed in the network. Briton Lewis Reid refused to use sunscreen during a picnic on the beach, with the result that he was badly burned. Reid tweeted a picture which shows that the whole surface of the feet become red. The tweet became viral, as users have compared the feet of the victim with their pink-and-white candy manufacturer Drumstick.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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