Disclosed a plan to strengthen the power of Netanyahu


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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to leave the rotation at the head of the government in that case, if his prospective mate, the defense Minister benny Gantz, will refuse to fight for the leadership over the Cabinet and will become the opposition candidate in the presidential election. On this plan of strengthening the power of Netanyahu’s writes columnist for the Israeli newspaper “Yediot Ahronot” SIMA Kadmon.

In her opinion, Gantz, though, and heads the Parliament faction of the 14 deputies, in fact, has no impact on government or public support, so in case of early elections — they can be assigned, for example, if the deputies not agree, his political career is likely over. The chances of the Ghanaian Premiership in the rotation under the model of the current Cabinet and is scheduled for November 2021, in fact, also small, indicates a journalist.

At the same time, Ganz has the option which, according to Kadmon, maybe time to extend his career, to finally resolve the political crisis in Israel and to strengthen the power of the current Prime Minister. The details of the plan revealed an unnamed member of the government from Likud led by Netanyahu: to do this, the defense Minister must abandon his briefcase, passing it the current foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi, and announced his candidacy for the presidential elections to be held in 2021. In exchange, Gantz will receive support from the Likud and, most likely, will win, which would provide him a seven-year presidency, Netanyahu and calm the Premiership and the ability to rely on “pocket President”.

In may, Israel after one and a half years of political crisis and a succession of early elections and a coalition government was formed. Under the terms of the agreement between the Ghanaian and Netanyahu, barring extraordinary events (for example, early elections in Parliament), Netanyahu will give Ganz the powers of the Prime Minister on 17 November 2021.

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