Gates spoke about a vacuum in the fight against the coronavirus because of the United States



Microsoft founder bill gates criticized the actions of the US authorities to combat the pandemic in the fashion industry for refusing cooperation with other countries. About it writes edition the Daily Mail.

According to the billionaire, the refusal of the United States to cooperate with other countries led to a “vacuum” in the solution of global problems. Gates also noted that the more Washington tried to blame the members of the international community in the dissemination of coronavirus, rather than cooperating to eliminate it.

However, gates expressed the hope that “someone will return common sense” and the US will resume cooperation with the world health organization (who) not only in terms of the fight against COVID-19, but with polio, smallpox and malaria. In turn, gates’s wife Melinda said that in the case of a vaccine against the coronavirus first it needs to medical professionals from around the world and in USA African Americans, the indigenous people and the elderly.

According to the newspaper, bill gates with his wife Melinda donated to fight the coronavirus more than 305 million dollars.

Earlier, gates has warned about the risk of ineffectiveness of the vaccine against the coronavirus. He explained that scientists are trying to develop a vaccine that not only prevents the vaccinated disease, but will stop the transmission from him to other people, however, guarantee that it really will block transmission of the virus, no.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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