Japan thought about the possibility of a first strike on North Korea


www.vsyako.netTaro Konomoto: Tomohiro Ohsumi / Getty Images

Japan thinks about the acquisition of weapons capable of inflicting pre-emptive strike on the missile installations in North Korea, after refusing to host U.S. ground-based missile defense Aegis Ashore. This statement was made by defence Minister of the country Taro Kano, reports Japan Today.

“I don’t think we can rule out any option before the discussion [in the security Council of Japan],” said Cano.

According to him, before addressing the question of whether the adoption of a strategy of a preemptive strike, Japan will need to clearly define what includes this concept. It is noted that such a defensive concept would represent a fundamental shift in military strategy Tokyo, which may cause concern to neighbours.

On 25 June, the government of Japan has decided to cancel the plan for deploying ground-based U.S. missile defense Aegis Ashore. The complexes were placed in the prefectures of Akita and Yamaguchi.

That the United States to 2023 plan to place on the Japanese Islands two us ballistic missile defence system Aegis Ashore, became known in December 2017.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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