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RogueWolf300 a Reddit user asked other users to tell who the stars of today, they spoke before they found fame. In addition, it is suggested to see how celebrity has changed. The post was gained 44 thousand approving estimates and almost 11 thousand comments.

The user binnygeo told that at school with actress Megan Fox. According to his description, she was very shy. “The guys were arguing who would sit opposite her in the school bus, but she was so shy that almost didn’t say anything,” — said the user.

Grandpa user detroit_smash_ur_dad was a teacher at the actor Jack Nicholson. “He said that he was a rebel, but capable of math”, he said. Each user toodleoo57 communicates with actor Paul Rudd, who, according to him, is a great man. Calls_you_a_bellend remembered that in high school went to acting class with Rupert Grint. “He was great, very relaxed, cheerful. I haven’t seen him since those years,” said the user, noting that the actor never worried about fame.

The user RacistJudicata said that he went to school with the brother of rapper Kendrick Lamar. According to him, the artist remained the same as was, only with millions of dollars in his pockets. And singer Madonna, according to hannahk2345, has changed a lot, gaining popularity. She was friends with aunt of the user and stopped doing it as soon as it became known. “It has changed in the worst sense,” concluded the narrator.

In may the lady Twitter has published in his account a few collages with pictures of stars to prove that their appearance also may not be ideal. Many men, however, did not believe in this revelation of beauty. Some of them suggested that the bumps on the skin actually was “privatesale”.

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