Photo of a child made people believe in ghosts


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Reddit

FizzyDrink113 a Reddit user posted a photo of his child, which made users believe in ghosts. They got scared off by one detail in the reflection of the boy in the mirror surface of the TV.

In fact, the picture the son of the author of the post is with closed eyes, but in the reflection they are open. He FizzyDrink113 wrote: “It can happen when people blink faster than the shutter is released the camera”.

Commentators did not believe this explanation the father of the child and suggested that in their house really is haunted. One of them also added that in the mirror opened a portal to another dimension. Some also agreed on the fact that the boy is actually a vampire or a time traveler.

Earlier in June, Reddit users discussed the oddities that were accepted in their families and which they thought was normal. One of them remembered that his parents were preparing Pets dying that now the user considers madness.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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