Predicting the flash COVID-19 Russian virologist has described the timing of the second wave


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The second wave COVID-19 awaits Russia in two weeks after “rebirth coronavirus”, recorded by the world health organization (who) in Europe. Possible second wave of the coronavirus in an interview called Virology, Mikhail shchelkanov, five years ago predicted the outbreak COVID-19.

“In two weeks we will feel for yourself the surge, which is observed in European countries,” said shchelkanov. He added that the outbreak may occur in the European part of Russia, namely in such cities as Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod. In addition, the number of new cases of infection is expected in Vladivostok, because it is through this city, the citizens of China are returning home.

To help avoid a second wave of coronavirus, according to shchelkanova, could complete closure of the borders, but in reality it’s impossible for Russians who live abroad.

“To rely on the fact that the virus will fundamentally change its biological properties and more safe for humans, in the near future one or two years is not necessary. However, in the medium term of ten to twenty years, the coronavirus still adapts to the human body”, — concluded the virologist.

Earlier, the Director of the regional office of the world health organization (who) in Europe Hans Kluge said that the coronavirus was revived in Europe because of the weakening of constraints. He said that in 30 European countries in the last two weeks again there is an outbreak of coronavirus infection. Kluge added that in 11 countries the number of new cases has increased so much that the healthcare system there could collapse.

According to recent reports, since the beginning of the epidemic in Russia recorded 620 794 cases of infection with coronavirus. More than half of the cases (384 152) recovered, 8781 people have died. For the last day completely cured 8988 people, while infected with a 6800. Another 176 patients with the coronavirus had died.

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