Robbie Williams has spoken out about “pizzagate” and had the reputation of a conspiracy theorist


www.vsyako.netRobbie Williams Photo: Jens Meyer / AP

British pop singer Robbie Williams said of the “pizzagate” and had the reputation of a conspiracy theorist. Interview with the artist was published on the YouTube channel of journalist Anna breece.

The contractor speculate about “pizzagate” — conspiracy theories that appeared during the presidential election campaign of 2016. Couple of the Clintons, and other members of the U.S. Democratic party supposedly organized a group of pedophiles, dedicated to the delivery of children in the basement of one of the network of pizzerias, where he held mass orgies with participation of well-known liberals. The theory was born in an anonymous forum 4chan and quickly spread on the Internet. The source of her were leaked mail of the Manager of the election campaign, Hillary Clinton, John Podestà. Forum members were looking for them a code word which, in their view, could be linked to pedophilia and satanic rituals.

According to Williams, “the right people have not asked the right questions in the right places.” The singer explained that he had not received evidence to refute this theory. He remembered that the investigation was conducted, during which it became clear that this pizza was not the basement. “But this isn’t a refutation, which I want to hear as a citizen and as a person, which raises the question: “Hey, this is very strange, what happens?””, he said.

Twitter users laughed at the artist, called “pizzagate” delusional theory. “The explanation is that in the emails there was no secret code words. Apophenia,” wrote user ross_stalker. “Oh, Robbie was radicalized idiots with YouTube,” reacted user milquetoaster.

In November 2019, it became known that Robbie Williams has lived 13 years without a mobile phone. According to star posts in social networks publish it for other people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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