Russia has proposed to impose penalties for the refusal to accept children without vaccinations in school



In the state Duma proposed to fine officials and organizations in the amount from 30 to 100 thousand rubles for violation of the legal rights of parents, including for refusing to accept a child without a vaccination at kindergarten or school. Deputies from “United Russia” has developed the relevant amendments to the new Code of administrative offences (Cao) and forwarded them to the justice Ministry, according to “Izvestia”.

Deputies suggest to punish by fines officers to 10-30 thousand rubles, and legal — 50-100 thousand rubles.

We are talking about the rights to choose the form of education, acquaintance with the constituent documents of educational organizations, as well as documents regulating the educational process, to receive information on any medical examinations of children and to refuse their implementation.

According to the parliamentarian, Nikolay Zemtsov, the rate of medical examinations including the rejection of grafts with no ban on visits to educational institutions.

“By law, vaccination, measures for early detection of tuberculosis, examinations of children, additional medical intervention (unless it is an emergency life-saving) may be made only with the consent of parents. Parents have every right to refuse them”, — he explained.

Another parliamentarian Anatoly Vyborny said that there are rules that establish the liability of parents for failure to perform their duties. But for other individuals for violation of the rights of the parents the punishment.

MPs including proposing to remove from the article of the administrative code of the non-parenting that the words “improper performance”. According to the Election, it allows officials and supervisors “very loose interpretation,” which, in his opinion, is a breeding ground for corruption.

Attorney for medical matters Anna Oreshkova said that the management of kindergartens and schools denying admission to children without vaccinations, worried about vaccinated. “But if you believe in the ability of a vaccine to protect against disease, reason to worry. The proposed amendments to the administrative code will really make life easier for many parents and reduce the degree of arbitrariness on the part of the management of educational institutions”, — she said.

In may it was reported that Russia wanted to ban to allow children who have no vaccinations in schools and kindergartens. The bill was planned to be developed in the Federation Council.

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