Russian “bought” a wife from abroad and had the reputation of disgusting



The girl found out her friend got married, but in fact he ordered a wife from overseas for money. She spoke about it on Twitter. In the story a Russian girl had the reputation of disgusting for such actions.

The wearer of the social network with the nickname “dead wife” reported that the man “bought” himself a Filipino, who does not speak Russian. “Female slavery still exists,” she said. According to nick, she is glad that “those comrades” will not meet with the Russians, but were indignant that a foreigner “bought as a commodity on AliExpress”.

Later, the lady described the Filipina: “a small, thin, pregnant, weighs 35 kg and is like a teenager with problem skin.” “He’s worse than shit, he’s worse than the green shit like it’s disgusting,” he described “dead wife”, the man who became the husband of a Filipina.

In the comments many were surprised that even in the modern world there are similar stories. Other users have noticed that it’s more like a marriage of convenience and I do not see anything unusual. Later, the author positions herself admitted that this is not slavery, but a regular marriage. “For parents happiness is to successfully sell his daughter to be the wife of European, and even Russian,” he concluded, “the dead wife”.

Earlier the wearer TikTok Seyving grace (Grayce Sayving) posted a video with the reaction of her husband, suddenly discovers that she is pregnant with a second child. The video became viral due to the fact that the reaction of the father was ambiguous.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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