Russian statistics offered to return the right to the bad news


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Federal state statistics service (Rosstat) should not depend on any Ministry or Department, as its data are a national treasure. This opinion was expressed by the chief economist of the state Corporation VEB.Of the Russian Federation Andrey Klepach, reports owned by Grigory Berezkin the RBC.

He recalled that in the case of Central Bank independence prescribed in the Russian laws, and Rosstat such a right to autonomy is not, although it would benefit, not harm.

“There is always the problem of who brings bad news . Still, the news should bring quality, both good and bad, if there is a real problem,” — said Klepach, offering to return Rosstat previous status when he was subordinate to the Ministry of economic development (MED).

According to the economist, who served as Deputy MAYOR from 2008 to 2014, the statistical Agency must comply either directly by the government or the presidential administration. He recalled that in some countries the national statistical office is under the control of the legislative Assembly, and so it was, for example, in the USSR.

Klepach acknowledged the difficulty of obtaining Russian statistics, especially in matters of industry and incomes. He explained that many important data are in the secret status, but the extent of this secrecy is often such that substantially distort reality and harm assessment of the situation.

The statistics change in a positive direction after the transfer of Rosstat in subordination to the MAYOR previously noted by many experts. One of them was the Director of analytical Department of “Loco-invest”, the author of the Telegram-channel MMI Kirill Tremasov, which in past years has headed the Department of macroeconomic forecasting of the Ministry, and in may was appointed head of the Department of monetary policy the Bank of Russia.

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