Serbia called the timing of EU accession


www.vsyako.netAlexander Musicphoto: Dmitry Azarov / Kommersant

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar vučić, said the possible entry of countries into the EU is refined in the negotiations with Brussels. It is reported by the Serbian TV channel RTS.

Vucic did not go into details, but said he is satisfied with the negotiations. According to him, they will be completed by 2024, and 2026, the country may become a EU member. The President stressed that he does not approve of this for sure — only hopes and trusts, however noted that he is optimistic and a dreamer.

“I think the EU is now suitable climate in order to accelerate the process of Serbia, and at the same time in our country has increased the desire to go on the European path”, — quotes its words TV website.

18 Jun Vucic spoke about the conditions under which the Serbian state is ready to become a part of the block. He said that the country will not renounce claims on Kosovo, and to recognize its independence in exchange for EU membership.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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