She has announced a hunger strike against extortion and harassment of son at school


www.vsyako.netSolovevoj Tatiana: Tatiana Soloviova / YouTube

A resident of Ekaterinburg Tatyana Solovyeva second week hunger strike in protest because of extortion and harassment at school No. 120, where he learns her son. The woman recorded the video and published it on their YouTube channel.

“I demand an independent investigation into all crimes committed within the walls of school №120 in relation to my child. Fees, still, maybe somebody will find it there. And how here they are, but like them or not. But bullied children because levies just the same. Require that crimes in high school no 120 is not suppressed, conducted a fair investigation, the investigation conducted and the perpetrators were punished,” says the woman in the video.

According to Solovyova, the hunger strike is “an extreme measure of protest.” She said that the teacher bullied her child for refusing to hand over money to the school and set up the other students against him, and the psychologists, the Director and the Supervisory authorities ignore the situation. The woman also told her no one contacted, in addition to the inspector on Affairs of minors, which has promised to spend at home checking.

In conversation with the publication of “the Rise” Solovyov said that the confrontation with the school lasts for two years, but the decision to start a hunger strike she received after another response to his appeal “from the education Department or Prosecutor’s office”. She added that she contacted the Ombudsman for children’s rights in the Sverdlovsk region and said a solution should be moved to August.

The publication noted that intervened in the situation, the Investigative Committee, the Agency initiated an inspection in school.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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