The Belarusian authorities are interested in the vast fortune of the son of Lukashenko


www.vsyako.netVictor Lukashenkova:

Belarusian authorities are interested in the vast fortune of the son of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko the Victor. As reported by Belarusian foreign Minister Vladimir Makei, Minsk has asked Switzerland information about the alleged bill for 840 million dollars, writes “Interfax”.

“It’s no secret that many States won’t call any of the process of innings associated with serious enrichment. Now, I want to say unequivocally that in Belarus such was not, and will not be until the current leadership is in power,” he said.

Mackay added that in case of detection of this amount, half will give the Embassy on the development of foreign trade, foreign trade with Switzerland. In any case, according to the head of Department, promised by President Lukashenko.

Opposition journalist Stepan Putilo June 22 in his Telegram channel said that as the eldest son of the Belarusian President Viktor Lukashenko in 2012 was about 840 million dollars. The report provides a screenshot of the page personal account of a Swiss Bank, which you can see the account in euros and francs. It is argued that several sources have confirmed the presence of Viktar Lukashenka account in this Bank. Other evidence of the possession of a sum equal to 1.5 percent of GDP of Belarus, is not given.

On June 25, Lukashenka announced plans to discuss with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin the facts of intervention in elections of the head of the Republic. In particular, according to the Belarusian President a “terrible fake” to discredit the Belarusian authorities — for example, about 840 million dollars “thrown structures “babichevskaya”, “nazarani” from Russia”. “It’s not ours, it comes from Russia information,” he said.

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