The children grew up and told about considered the norm oddities in the family


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Sadsheep61 a Reddit user invited other users to discuss the oddities that were accepted in their families and which they thought was normal. The post gathered more than a thousand comments in which people shared their stories.

So, jabbahtheslut told that before his family celebrated children’s day. It seemed to him the logical existence of such a holiday, given that there is father’s day and mother’s day. When he grew up, realized that “most people don’t even know when this holiday is celebrated”.

Usersa 100percent_thatwitch told that as a child she had an especially close relationship with his father. In particular, he responded to her questions about puberty, sex, and explained how to use a tampon for the first time. In College she realized that her relationship with dad is very different from what happened from her friends. She noted that their fathers left the room when talking about menstruation. “I had no idea that in society it raised the question of gender roles in the family until I was closer to having to leave my family. Now I respect both my parents,” — said the witness.

Slothbarns7 noted that his family has decided to sort out relations on the raised tones. After College, he realized how rare that is. Helpfulmonster remembered that his parents were preparing Pets dying that now the user considers madness.

Earlier in June, Reddit users discussed the most serious problems faced, when he grew up. Commentators said he was never prepared for the loss of loved ones. In addition, many complained about the fact that I can’t shake the feeling life passes too quickly.

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