The court acquitted the accused of raping a seventeen-month-old daughter of Russian


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In Tatarstan the court acquitted 27-the summer inhabitant of Bugulma, who was accused of raping his eight month old daughter. About this newspaper “Evening Kazan”.

After the announcement of the acquittal of the defendant released from-under guards in a court hall. In the process, he confessed to the crime. The defendant explained that he was angry because quarrel with his wife, and in this way disrupted the evil in the child. “Just lost it”, — said the accused.

In the end, the court found that once the desire to satisfy the sexual needs of the defendant were not, and corpus delicti in his actions there.

According to investigators, on 27 October 2019, the accused stayed at home with three children, the youngest of whom was at that time 1.5 years, and my wife went to work. Late in the evening he called her and told her about the bleeding daughter. She was hospitalized and the hospital gynecologist diagnosed her typical after a sexual assault injury. Doctors reported the victim to the police. A criminal case was initiated under article 132 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Violent actions of sexual nature against a minor”). The girl’s father was sent under house arrest. During the investigation, he stated that when changing the diaper, accidentally caused daughter’s injuries.

The Prosecutor intends to appeal against the acquittal. Bugul Deputy city Prosecutor Nikolay Vdovin said that the state prosecution was given a lot of evidence of the defendant’s guilt: the testimony of the child’s mother, a paramedic ambulance, the testimony of the accused.

“Although not immediately, but he confessed that the alleged anger made abuse of her daughter. The expert confirmed the possibility of injury to the bodies of the girls in the way expressed by the defendant. Such injuries accidental way cause you just can’t,” said Vdovin.

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