The girl stopped to wash due to a rare disease


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Rachael Fetter

The residents of the American city of Rathdrum, Idaho, found marine urticaria — a rare disease which affects about 50 people in the world. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

Skin 23-year-old Rachel fetter is blistering in any contact with water. “The reaction to the water first appeared when I was 18, she says. — I remember, took a shower, and while dry, I noticed a rash. I decided that the thing in soap that I used, and tried a different brand. But every time after a shower I again started breaking out in hives”. Over time, the water began to call the girl searing pain, which passed a few days. Only after that she went to the doctor and found out their diagnosis.

Because marine urticaria girl stopped showering every day. Now she does it no more than twice in a week in advance and painkillers before you shower. “The same way I react to their own sweat — she says. — When you go on long walks with the dog, on the hands, feet and palms of blisters. I hope that someday this disease will learn to heal. Until then, it remains for me to take medications and trying to be as dry as possible”.

In 2019, a student from the English city of Leicester, County of Leicestershire, spoke about living with a rare disease — a syndrome of Klein — Levin. Because of her the girl is able to sleep up to 22 hours a day.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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