The journalist Pavel Pubic the police came


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Police interviewed the journalist of TV channel “Rain” Pavel Lobkova said his lawyer, Leonid Solovyov. Day ago leading was able to vote twice on amendments to the Constitution of Russia.

According to the lawyer, Lobkov has not yet received the status of a suspect and was not detained. “It involves getting two ballot papers. Only give explanations,” — said Solovyov. According to him, the journalist came in the case of the illegal issuance and receipt of the ballot for voting (article 5.22 of the administrative code).

25 Jun pubic hair in the TV news reported that took part in voting on constitutional amendments and was able to vote twice — at the polling station and remotely via electronic voting. The possibility of electronic voting available to residents of Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod region.

Later, “Interfax” reported that the Metropolitan Directorate of the interior Ministry started an investigation of double voting in the capital. In a press-service of the Ministry said that filed a case on an administrative offence. The police also promised to evaluate the actions of employees of the election Commission who issued the ballot Pubic. In Mothersurname subsequently stated that the possibility of double voting is excluded.

A nationwide vote began on 25 June across Russia and will last until 1 July inclusive. On it the citizens of Russia asked whether they approve the amendment to the Constitution. The Bulletin indicated the options “Yes” and “no”. Primary election day — July 1 — declared. Among the proposed amendments, the priority of Russian on international law and the right of the incumbent President of Russia to be re-elected for a new term and at the end of two presidential terms before the changes come into force. All the proposals approved by the constitutional court, the state Duma, the Federation Council and regional parliaments.

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