The newborn lamb-Cyclops was considered a reincarnation of the false Messiah


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Lamb with one eye and a deformed face was born on a farm in the Indonesian province of West Java. This publication reports The Mirror.

Monday, June 22, in the realm that belonged to the farmer Pipiko (Pipih) sheep gave birth to two cubs. One of them was normal, the second suffered from cyclopia. He had one eye located in the middle of the muzzle.

Due to the deformation of the muzzle of the lamb-the Cyclops it was hard to breathe and eat. Pipa appealed for help to the neighbors, but some felt that a newborn can bring bad luck. They told the farmer that the animal may be a demon in the image of the lamb is the reincarnation of the religious character Gajjala — the false Messiah.

However Pipih thought differently. “A sheep gave birth to two lambs. The second was normal. I hope this is a good sign which will bring blessing to the family,” he said.

Despite the attention that has been given to the lamb, he died Wednesday, June 24 — two days after birth. Villager Sunarya Kuku (Cucu Sunarya) said that lamb was checked for possible diseases and found that he’s healthy. “He could not eat normally and received only a few drops of milk at a time, using a pacifier. Other factors of his death is not” — he explained.

The family buried the lamb in the backyard on the same day. The incident was reported to the Department of animal husbandry in the Regency Sumedang, officials documented in this case.

Presumably, the lamb was cyclopia — a rare congenital defect in which the eyes do not develop in two troughs.

Earlier it was reported that in the Indian state of Kerala was born, the kid-Cyclops. Single eye located on the forehead of the animal, the shape of the mouth is also different from normal.

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