The Prosecutor called the punishment for dropped his girlfriend from the balcony of rogatica


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In the Soviet district court of Kazan, the Prosecutor called the punishment for the employee Regardie Marat Schapova, who is accused of killing his girlfriend 21-year-old Elnara Karahanova. It is reported by the human rights organization “Area law” in his Telegram channel.

In the debate of the parties the public Prosecutor asked for the defendant to 16.5 years in prison of strict regime, recognizing guilty to murder, intentionally causing harm to health of average weight and threat of murder. In turn, Sakhapov pleaded guilty only to counts for which the Statute of limitation for bringing to responsibility, and involvement in the murder denies.

According to investigators, the night of September 1, 2018 in Kazan 28-year-old Sakhapov beat the Elnara, and then threw her off the balcony of sixth floor. The dead were buried in a closed coffin. Sakhapov is claiming that it attacked her friend.

During the investigation it became clear that resguardar to violence and beat her. So in January 2018 he threatened Elnare murder and beat her, she had recorded bruises and hematomas.

Elnara she told her friends that Sakhapov beat her hands and feet, forced to undress and was beaten with a wet towel on the body, she sent pictures of her beaten face and body. The girl was advised to contact the police, but Sakhapov threatened her and said if she leaves him, he will come to her house, kill her father and rape the mother.

On the beating of resguardar the police complained and another girl in 2012, but then she withdrew her statement.

Sakhapov still not dismissed from Regardie, although already half a year in custody. He was arrested on 6 September 2018. Sahapov detained in strong alcoholic intoxication. Regardez fond of BDSM: on his page in the social network he constantly publishes pictures of naked women in subordinate poses. Until 2016 Sakhapov was a member of the Riot police.

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