The US government gave money to the dead


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The U.S. government mistakenly paid $ 1.4 billion to dead people. These happened due to the fact that the government in recent months has accelerated the distribution of benefits to the millions of Americans who have suffered because of the pandemic coronavirus. This writes CNBC, citing a report of the accounts chamber.

The check was authorized by Congress. Now the government wants to return the money mistakenly transferred to the account of the deceased. However, there is no plan on how to contact the relatives of these people. This is not the first case when the government sends money to the deceased. Thousands of deaths have been approved for social benefits after the financial crisis of 2008-2009.

The United States decided to abandon the unemployment benefits since August as the economy recovered, and by that time there will be enough jobs. This was in June, said economic adviser to the White house Larry Kudlow. The current benefit is $ 600 per week. However, the authors of the study, conducted by Bloomberg Economics, came to the conclusion that high unemployment in the US may persist for a long time.

In March, the U.S. Senate passed a bill to allocate two trillion dollars to support the economy because of the pandemic coronavirus. Two months later, Congress decided to allocate three trillion dollars for this purpose. Massive stimulus programme also conducts Federal reserve system (the fed), it provides an unprecedented amount of quantitative easing (purchase of securities from banks).

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