The war between the wives nine months prevented to bury a millionaire bigamist


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In Kenya, an influential priest of the tenth month are unable to bury due to the infighting between his wives. It is reported by the Kenyan newspaper Tuko.

The founder of a religious organization Magodo International Ministries, a millionaire Magodo Musa (Musa Magodo), died September 2, 2019. The funeral, scheduled for the same month was not held because of the intervention of a woman named Gladys of Nekesa (Gladys Nekesa). She stated that she was married to a priest in 1991 and remained his lawful wife until he died.

In recent years Magodo lived with Inhaiti Alice (Alice Ingaiza), whom he married in 2007. Nekesa claims that Ingaza was a servant, she and Magodo hired in 1994 to care for children. According to her, since 2000, the bigamist openly cheated on her with Inhaiti, and later entered into a second marriage and not breaking first.

Ingaza rejects charges Necesi. The litigation between the women continues.

In 2017, it was reported that Nigeria passed away 93-year-old preacher, Mohammed Bello Abubakar (Mohammed Bello Abubakar), which, according to various estimates, from 86 to 130 wives. Polygamist buried with a large gathering of people in the city of Bida, located in the Central part of Nigeria.

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