The woman was rich and not know about it



A resident of New Zealand a few days did not know that bought a lottery ticket brought her a huge win. It is reported portal News Hub.

The winner, who wished to remain anonymous, said that playing the lottery when he feels happy. June 17, she bought another lottery ticket and forgot about it.

During a walk on Sunday, June 21, she remembered about the lottery and decided to check the result of the draw. The woman went to the store twice scanned the ticket and at first did not understand what was happening. “There were the words: “Congratulations, winner of first prize”. I was very surprised and did not understand what it means,” she said.

New Zealander asked the clerk to check the ticket. “She looked and said, “You won 10.3 million new Zealand dollars (458 million rubles — approx. “Of the”). We stared at each other, not knowing what to do,” said the winner.

“I was so shocked I had to sit down. The woman and her colleague brought me a chair. Suddenly I felt the heat and began to remove the layers of clothing I was dressed for walking,” — said the participant of the lottery. Afterwards, she went to the store and bought groceries for the week. Choosing the purchase, she thought about how to break the news about winning the family.

When the woman told the news to relatives, they could not believe it. “It was amazing to see how lit up their faces when they realized that it was true. Everyone was very happy. We did a lot of hugging and kissing” she said.

According to her, one of the first desires that she would like to carry out on the prize money — is to buy the house. “I always thought that this is an unattainable goal, but this made it all possible,” she said.

Earlier it was reported that a resident Irish of County Kerry for a week forgot the wallet lottery ticket was a winning one. Her family heard that as a result of the draw 18 APR somebody took the jackpot, but did not think that their ticket will win.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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